August 26

5/6G Class Party!

We had a very well organised class party today with lots of food, dancing, “limbo-ing” and then, in the middle of the celebrations…an Emergency Drill!
We were all so full of sugar we were buzzing..! However, we survived the party and the drill – and a game of Dodge Ball to finish off with. Oh yes, then the dreaded clean up – everyone did a great job. Well done 5/6G!

August 26

Enviroweek 2013

Launched in 2009 by Cool Australia, Enviroweek is the chance for all Australian classrooms to take on an environmental challenge for a week, get sponsored and fundraise for their school’s green projects.

  • More than 178,000 students have participated since 2009
  • More than $200,000 raised for environmental projects
  • 200,021 kilograms of CO2 savings (10,401,130 kilograms annualised), ratified by the Net Balance Foundation
  • Television commercial played nationally and viewed by more than 2.5 million Australians
  • What’s the Enviroweek challenge for us?

    By taking on an Enviroweek challenge, we can experience that everyday lifestyle choices have positive impacts – saving the planet and our pockets!

    Through simple, fun and measurable challenges we can experience the impact of our daily actions on our environment.

    Based on an ecological footprint, there are challenges across the curriculum and interest areas to engage all of us from waste warriors, travellers, foodies and tree huggers, to merpeeps, green thumbs and shoppers.


August 25

Siena Music and Drama Presentation

On Friday August 23rd, the Grade 5/6 students at St Dominics were invited to Siena College to enjoy a morning of drama and music presentations. We were one of only two schools present, the other being St Gregory’s PS, Doncaster. What was very impressive initially, was the manner that we were so generously welcomed to Siena, and secondly was that most of the musicians, actors and singers were Year 7 or 8 girls and had only been learning their instruments and disciplines for a relatively short time. The musical performance was quite interactive and many students from the audience were given an opportunity to come up and play or conduct. Following morning tea break, we were then treated to singing and drama performances which were equally impressive. The girls involved in adapting and presenting the drama, weaved their story lines around the themes of Loss, Displacement, Refugees and Immigration which run strongly through the featured books of John Marsden and Shaun Tan’s book “The Rabbits” and also ”The Immigrants”, by Shaun Tan.  The girls involved in the scenes and songs gave extremely entertaining, creative, confident and joyful performances and we were all conscious of the great level of support and care the performers had for each other. Many former St Dom’s students also took time to say hello during the morning and I’m sure that the girls who have committed themselves to Siena for Secondary School will be looking forward to being involved in these wonderful creative pursuits in the future.

August 21

Lots of Worms!

Our class decided to clean up the P2 area today and we got a pleasant (to some!) surprise when we inspected the compost bins – worms in abundance!
Big, fat, juicy compost worms – all looking for their next meal of green waste! Actually, what the ‘massing’ of worms indicates to

me is that they need something more than green material in the bins, rather some soil or shredded paper to act as ‘bedding’ material. We must get onto that tomorrow!

August 20

Guess who’s having a baby..??

No, it’s certainly not Mr and Mrs G – but rather our (now) resident pair of Tawny Frogmouths! I took a pic of mother bird sitting precariously on her nest of twigs, in a very exposed and noisy spot, while her partner sat quietly and patiently in a nearby bush. They are obviously not worried by all the noise and activity in the Prep playground and have made a real commitment to St Dominics! Hopefully, we can protect and nurture this little family and enjoy watching them care for each other. (Click on each picture for a closer view)

A fragile nesting spot

Can you spot the nest?



August 19

Congratulations 5/6G Public Speakers!

The following members of Grade 5/6G have qualified for the next round of the St Dominic’s Public Speaking competition after a very competitive and hard fought Elimination Round:

Kate Birrell

Julianna Clancy

Will Curtin

Olivia Duke

Morris Dumaresq

Tom Emes

Emily Palmer

Stephanie Rozario

From this list of 8, 4 will be selected to compete in the Final. A fabulous effort by these speakers!

August 17

Chat to a Champ – Scott Kneller

On August 13th, the senior students of St Dominic’s participated in a skype conference with Scott, who is a champion Australian snow skier. In the next winter Olympics he will be competing in the ski cross, which is a rough and tumble sport that relies heavily on making the right decision in a split second, backed up with a share of good fortune. Have a listen to the talk we had with him!

Chat with a Champ

I think St Dom’s were the best cheerers at the end of Scott’s talk too!