September 30

And the Hawks are Premiers for 2013!!!!

On the 28 of September 2013 it was the Hawks against The Dockers. With me( Tom) going to the game(ahh) I was as nervous as anything but the game crept closer and closer. Birds of Tokyo were bad (my opinoin) to start the game with their concert but when it came down to the game the Hawks were just too strong for the Dockers. The Norm Smith was a suprise. The first time a full back won the medal. Now 2014 is coming and the hawks will get rid of Buddy( maybe) and Roughead and Gunston will be too strong for the rest of league.


The Hawks Celebrate

Were a happy team at hawthorn. Premiers for 2013!!


September 12

The wait continues….

A mother waits patiently…..

Our pair of Tawny Frogmouths continue to show great patience as they await the hatching of their eggs. The mother bird sits on the eggs day after day, while not far away in another tree, the father bird waits silently while all around him, noisy Preps play and scream. Neither bird ever seems bothered though!

September 2


What a fantastic day of Public Speaking we had today with high quality performances and very close results. Those few seconds either side of the 2 minute time-frame proved costly for some!

However I am very pleased to announce that the following four students will be representing Grade 5/6G in the Final, on Monday of Week 10.

Kate Birrell

Julianna Clancy

Emily Palmer

Stephanie Rozario

Well done on a fabulous performance and Good Luck for the Final!

September 1

Public Speaking Semi-Final

When: Monday September 2nd

Where: In the 5/6 Baker – Cranstoun classrooms

Involving who?: The 8 successful students from last round selected by each class which, following this round will be narrowed to 4 speakers from each class for the final.

Good preparation and luck to all the speakers for tomorrow!

September 1

Homework Club begins this week!

Yes, this week all your laminated faces will be magnetically stuck to the whiteboard and as you deliver your COMPLETED homework ON TIME….you are then placed into a special grouping. If you can maintain this placement for the next 3 weeks, you will be part of our class “Homework Party” at the end of term!! Sounds great, doesn’t it!!?

Miss Pound and I will explain this in more detail in class.

PS Don’t forget: 1)  your Amazing Race permission slips and 2) Your completed Olympic posters for Monday September 2nd.