October 29

Class Party Tomorrow (Wednesday)

Hi 5/6G

Good to see Will is up and running again – hope you are doing ok Will 🙂

Reading Log this week is #1

Wednesday 30/10/13 we have a class party and you are able to wear Halloween themed costume or come in free dress.

Friday is Athleics day. ALL 5/6 STUDENTS ARE DUE BY 8AM!!! Buses leave at 8.15am…

Friday you will be finished by 1pm. Please make sure you have returned your form about how you are getting home.

There will be after school care if you are returning back to St. Dom’s.

Well done to everyone for your PAT Comprehension today – I’m sure you have done very well.

Remember we have a short week next week. You have a 4 day long weekend and are due to return to school Wednesday the 6th of November. Where you can catch up with our much missed Mr. G.

After marking your homework, I feel we still need practise with BODMAS. You can explore around with:

http://www.mathsisfun.com/operation-order-bodmas.html On this website there are examples and you can answer the questions at the end of page. Also you could watch http://www.onlinemathlearning.com/bodmas.html and explore around with these BODMAS sums: http://www.mathsphere.co.uk/resources/Year6Bodmas.htm

Explanation x2 is due Friday before Aths day please.

Thursday we will have Literature circles but no Reading Groups with Mass at 10am.

Have a fun night,

Mrs. Gibson 🙂






October 25

Week 4 – Assessment Week

Hi guys,

Well done on another great week!

Homework for week 4:

  1. Spellings
  2. Spelling activities
  3. To be completed by Friday 1/11 x2 Explanation writing pieces
  4. A healthy eating recipe that is kid friendly to make & yummy to eat. What do you think about handwriting these, so it has more a personal touch? Thoughts?
  5. Practise percentage online activities at – http://resources.woodlands-junior.kent.sch.uk/maths/fractions/ and http://www.maths-games.org/percentage-games.html Percentage will be our focus in maths for week 4.
  6. R.E. & Topic: What are some ways to improve your emotional & spiritual health? List a few ideas in your HW book and chat about it at home.

Remember to keep on top of your literature circle roles. You can take some time in your Independent Learning sessions to complete these. Always need to be ready by 9am Thursday.

Week 4 is assessment week in Level 4. We will be doing some written and online tests. Please make sure you go to bed at a resonable time, eat breakfast and bring a drink to school.

Thank you to all the Grandfriends who made it today – was a very special day for us all. I really enjoyed meeting many of them.

Looking forward to having one last week together – Lets make it the best yet!

Happy weekend everyone.


Mrs. Gibson 🙂












October 22

Grandfriends Day


On the morning of Friday:

5/6G Students will meet at school.

Grandfriends will meet us at St Dominic’s Church.

Please make sure you have RSVP if you have a Grandfriend coming, so we can make sure they will get a cup of tea etc.

What a big & exciting week!





October 22

Socktober Friday 25th of October

Hi again,

On Friday the 25/10, as well as Grandfriend day, it will also be crazy sock day.

Come with a gold coin donation and wear your craziest sock combination ever!

Sock it to poverty! We want to help fight, punch or strike out social issues, but we also need your practical support. Socktober is an initiative of Catholic Mission and is one way we can fundraise for Catholic Mission during World Mission Month in October.

Grandparents/Family members are welcome to join in on our crazy sock day too…

Look forward to seeing everyones crazy feet on Friday.

Thanks everyone,

Mrs. Gibson




October 21

Italian Day 23/10/13

Hi 5/6G

Re: Italian Day Week 3

Another class has booked the kitchen from 11.30-1, that’s why i thought we could cook at 10am. But I think there is a leadership meeting 10-11 now.

We can use the stove in the kitchen between 11.30-1. In that case we will make pasta. I’m thinking pasta with a tomato sauce.

If you eat gluten free pasta – are you able to bring in your own please?

I will talk about this in class today.

Also remember to wear a touch of Italian tomorrow.

Does anyone have a parent/family member who can assist me with making pasta tomorrow? Will only work if we have a helper/s.

We will also need plastic bowls, spoons/forks etc.


Mrs. Gibson 🙂








October 20

Good morning 5/6 Bloggers,

Hope everyone is having a great term so far!

I am at a Maths day and Mrs. Collins is in today – but looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow 🙂

Italian Day is Wednesday – can anyones mum help us to cook from 10 am? Not sure what that will be yet? Open to ideas.

Email me mgibson@sdcamberwelleast.catholic.edu.au

Grandfriend Day is Friday.

Homework Week 3:

  • x20 Spelling words will be given to you today.
  • x 2 spelling activities
  • Reading Workshops: What is the writer’s purpose? Explore around with this website to support your understanding for the redaing workshops: http://www.woodland.k12.mo.us/faculty/rgarner/Reading/Authors%20puropse.htm
  • You Tube Author’s Purpose: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=skX6RnnIkuM&feature=related
  • Explanation Writing: to complete your 2nd piece in class and at home this week. Start thinking about your 3rd Explanation writing, that will be used as your assessment writing piece for this term. What do you want to know more about?? 
Well done everyone on a terrific start so far. Looking forward to another great week.
Mrs. Gibson



October 12

How cute is this chick!

I knew when I briefly came back to Melbourne this week that I just had to come and have a look for myself…at this amazing baby Tawny Frogmouth and its doting parents.

We are so lucky to have had these beautiful birds nesting in our school grounds, surrounded by the typical noise and activity each day of a school – which never seemed to bother them. I’m told that most birds don’t nest so close to human activity normally. This pair of Tawny Frogmouth parents spent time sitting in our trees observing us and they became so confident of our care and support, they decided to build their nest in the most obvious place they could find. What a fabulous compliment to St Dominics!