November 14

Week 6 – Homework (due Monday 18/11)

1) 20 Spelling words written x 5 plus 2 x Spelling activities of your choice (using these words)

2) Nightly reading recorded and written in a chart, with a comment by you AND your parents on your reading

3) Reading Log 2 or 25 depending on which you have done – the other one done next week.

4) R.E. activity for this week in your diary completed (make sure previous weeks are completed too!)

NB. Diaries will be collected for perusal on Monday!

5) Cut out – an article about something to do with lifestyle (diet, exercise, career etc) and write a brief review of it! (in your HW book)

Thanks everyone! Try to get as much done as you can – back to H’W on time next week!

November 6

Our Tawny Frogmouth family is still with us!

These Tawny Frogmouths, parents and fledgling are still living in playground one and are there for all to see every day! I really thought they would have ‘flown the coop’ by the time I got back from Leave – but NO! They’re STILL here! Maybe they’ve settled in permanently? I hope so.