June 2

Weekly 100 Word Challenge

For this week, the prompt if 5 words. They can be put anywhere in your writing and in any order but you must use them all. Please use your highlighting skills to help Team 100 see where you have used the words.

Gateway Cold Running Black Friend

The form will close on 7th June

Go to: http://100wc.net/ to enroll

June 2


Public Speaking Fun…!

Congratulations to the following members of Grade 5/6G for being selected to go on to the next round of Public Speaking:
* Scarlett Anderson
* Matilda Baker
* Alex Caruana
* Nick Cleland
* James Coloretti
* Meg Curtin
* Emilie Duff
* Tessa Macken

It was an incredibly difficult task to select speakers and I had to go back and compare previous rounds to separate results. Finally, our 8 Finalists were selected and we look forward to you all representing our class with distinction. Well done!