May 28

What a great Class Assembly!

awesome dog

Well done everyone – your fabulous performance has been captured on video too (from a distance!) You were all sensational and are natural performers and if there had been talent scouts from Hollywood present, I may not have had a class to teach next week – they may have whisked you all away! Congratulations again!

May 11

Week Five

NAPLAN testing concludes tomorrow with the Maths first up. However, there is more ACER testing to come in the guise of PAT Maths, PAT Vocab and PAT Reading comprehension tests. This data will assist our report writing and enable us to be more precise in targeting your child’s strengths and weaknesses. Corrected on-line too, which is a bonus!

Mr Green has suggested that since next week is National Families Week that maybe we should give our students a break from homework to enable them to spend more family time with their siblings and parents. The students have gleefully endorsed this idea (of course!)

May 11

Change of Format!

The front page from now on will describe what is happening each week as well as containing little ‘snippets’ of interesting comments, videos, pictures or anything else that jumps in front of my vision!