August 24

Round 3 Public Speaking!

Public Speaking Timeline 2016    

Week 8

Monday       29/8/2016

Round 3 Semi-Finals

Scores used from this round to decide the 4 representatives from each class to compete in the Finals – 3/4 Teachers as judges.

Week 10
Wednesday.  14/09/2016

Scores used from this round to decide the winners – independent judge.  


New topics will be given at the completion of each round.


Public Speaking Round 3 – Semi-Finals

The topics for Round 3’s Public Speaking are below.


You must be ready to present your speech to the class on        Monday 29th  August.

Things to remember:

Timing – 1 minute & 30 seconds

Impact – Make your speech interesting & engaging to the audience.

Good luck! 🙂


Round 3 Semi- Final Topics

  • Sports people have a responsibility to be good role models
  • If I had a superpower it would be… because…


  • If I were Australia’s Prime Minister I would…



Click here to see a copy of the Rubric used for assessing your speech.


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