October 20

Animals & Care Information

Zoos Victoria Animal Information

Article on Australian Huntsman spiders

Huntsman Spider information

Care of Stick Insects

Care Guide for Goliath Stick Insects

Spiny Leaf Stick Insect Information sheet

How to hatch stick insects from eggs!

Yabbies –ย Click here for all you need to know!

General information


Blue-tongue Information Sheets:

Great ideas for feeding lizards

General lizard information

More lizard feeding information

Here it is everybody – the question on everyone’s lips! Which are the boys and which are the girls? Now, you know the answer…..

Male andfemale-spiny-leaf-stick-insect

My Favourite Pet Store – Amazing Amazon in Springvale Rd – near The Glen shopping centre.

Well worth a visit!

The Praying Mantis is considered the “T-Rex” of the insect world. Watch this and understand why!

Yabbies are fascinating animals but really quite unpredictable! Sometimes they get along together,

sometimes one will eat his tank mate – never a dull moment!

Spiny Stick insects and the amazing strategies they have for surviving – ants work with them

too without realising it!



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