July 31

Literacy Activities!

Literary Luminary Role: Read The Halloween House and

cut and paste quotes from the text that you think were descriptive, confusing or important to the story.

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Poetry: Cinquain Poems

Reading Comprehension:

Raisins Reading Comprehension

Amazon Rainforest Reading Comprehension

Influenza Reading Comprehension

Personalising your Writers Notebook!

Writers Notebook:

Reading Activities:

“The Adventurous Face” is all about how the other parts of the face assist the nose to get well!

“Axle the freeway cat” is a great story about a cat who creates a special home for himself.

Summariser: Read either of the above stories and summarise the main facts of the story.

Illustrator: Draw and label some important parts of the story

Vocab Enricher: List some interesting words that you found in the story and their meanings.

Connector: Describe some connections you have made from the story. Have you read a story

like this before? (Text to Text); Have you experienced anything like the plot of this story? (Text to Self?)

Have you heard or seen anything like this in the world at large? (Text to World?)

Literary Luminary: 

Myths & Legends:

Some great Greek Myths! 

Apollo and the Chimera – What is this story really trying to tell us?

Do you believe this story? Give reasons.

Literature Circle Preparation:



Select a Myth or Legend and summarise the story, making sure that all the main parts of the story are told.

Discussion Director

The girl and the fox

Watch this short video and write a description of the story.

What are 5 questions about the story that would start your

group members thinking about the ‘plot’?

LAP Reading Test

100 Word Challenge

click here for this fabulous site, where you can submit your weekly narrative entries.

Who knows? You could be an International writing star!

Sharing our Australian Stories

Great Aboriginal tales

Myths and legends – read amazing tales from the dark, distant past!

Click here to to read on!

Grimm Brothers Fairy Tales

Click here for The Three Little pigs

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