March 12

All Things Maths!

Division Procedure:



Area and Perimeter

More Area and Perimeter games

Mass, volume and capacity and length

Length, mass and volume activity

Pat Maths Log in

Metric Quiz

Do you know the metric answers to these question??

Measurement Games: Try these to develop your knowledge and skills!


Alien Addition

Addition Pyramid

Number Fact Families


Protractor use to measure angles

Measuring angles with a protractor

PAT Testing Portal

Place Value Puzzler select different levels of difficulty

Matching Number to Written Words (1-9999) – Grade 3 Common Core Standards

Place Value Hockey

Place Value: Wishball game

Place Value Millionaire

Ordering Numbers to 4 digits Game



Exploring Graphs game

Venn Diagrams with 3 circles

Venn Diagrams

More Venn Diagrams

Understanding Bar Graphs

Graphing and Data collection

Interpreting Line Graphs

Maths Data Game


More Adding Fractions at different levels

Adding and subtracting fractions

Play the Game and fill in the fraction wall. First finished – wins!

Interactive Fraction Wall Click, match and compare fractions to one whole

Equivalent Fractions A Equivalent Fractions (Group 1)

Equivalent Fractions  B Write in your books the equivalent common and decimal fractions (Group 2 & 3)

Proper Fractions All you ever wanted to know! (Group 4)

Fraction activities of many different types! (Whole class to try)

Build your own fraction wall and match the fractions against one whole. (Whole Class)

Click here to match the correct fraction to the picture


Go to Tessellation Town!

Interactive Tessellations Follow the instructions and create your own tessellated shapes!

Interactive Activities Answer the quiz questions

Have a look at these great tessellations!

Metric Measurement:

Select the correct measures


Counting cubes in a block – be careful! It’s hard to see some of them


Division Derby – know your division facts!

Visit the Murb hospital for division

Lattice Multiplication:

Geoboard Activities:

Click here to make some creative shapes!


Happy Halving!

Doubling and Halving:

Click Here to “Hit The Button” for all kinds of challenging activities!

Multiplication and Division:

Division with remainders game – see if you can beat the computer!


The 24 Hour Clock activity for you to try!


Hit The Button Test yourself on multiplication tables

Number Lines:

Match the addition equation to score points!

NOW match the subtraction equations

Battleship Numberline Can you estimate distances on a number line?

Drawing up a Floor Plan:

Create your own home!

What floor plans look like and how you might draw your own!

Partitioning Activities:

Place Value Puzzler

Know your number facts!

Number Sense

Break these numbers up!

Number Patterns:

Musical Number Patterns Give this a try and find the patterns!

Rich Number Pattern activities

Collecting and Recording Data:

How to do a survey – read this then create your own survey question.

How to collect data – Get your pad and pen ready!

Collecting data – the background music will drive you crazy

More collecting data – helps to explain making a tally!


Measurement Mess ups between countries using different systems!

Measurement Quiz – Answer these questions!

Ordering Metric Units of Distance – Grade 4 Common Core Standards

Sal’s Sub Shop – A Ruler Game for Kids

Measurement Quiz Can you match all the correct measures? Test yourself through the levels!

Measuring Length –  Compile a list of objects that you can measure the length of, in and outside our classroom. Draw up a table and record your findings.

Compare these to the findings of others. How accurate have you been? How can you improve your accuracy?

Comparing Height – High Rise Living!


Matching money

Giving change!

Click here to order the money

Sharing money equally!

Times Tables:

Test your Times-Tables Knowledge!


Telling the time and comparing analogue and digital time

Select a Time game – Which game do you like best and why?

Still more games about Time and its measurement. Try them!


Adding 2 digit numbers by making tens

Adding 2 digit numbers without carrying

Adding 3 digit numbers with carrying

Shapes: Great 2D shape ideas!

Create 2D shapes then name and draw them in your Maths books.

What are 2D and 3D shapes?

Create some triangle shapes and draw them in your Maths book.

Sort the Triangles!

Working with and measuring angles and learning how to use a protractor


Plan a Party and work out your expenses. Parties can cost a great deal of money!

Organising a fundraiser takes time and effort. See what you can do!

More money matters!

Australian money activities – What is the value of coins?

Using Grid References on Maps!

Interactive coordinates activity

Using coordinates to read a map

Using a compass!

Click here to find Rainforest locations!

Just using numbers as Grid References

More number Grids!

Park the car on the correct grid!


Try the Box method of Multiplication.

Begin with 2 digits x 1 digit,

then 2 x 2 digits – could you try 3 x 3 digits??

Some great multiplication games for you to play!

Which game is your favourite learning activity?


What are 2D and 3D shapes? List some differences between them in your Maths Book.

Draw and name a variety of 2D and 3D shapes.

Times Tables

Test your Times-Tables speed with this interactive game!


Ordering and sequencing – fives

Ordering Thousands

Number Patterns

Decimals on a number line – tenths

Decimals on a Number Line 2 – Hundredths

Partitioning of Numbers – write down all the different number parts

Number line activity – How far is it to the swimmer in distress?

More great Place Value games!

Which game do you like best? Why?

Which game is most challenging for you? Why?

Using Place Value Blocks

Using Place Value Blocks 2

Using Place Value Blocks 3

Using Place Value Blocks 4

Using Place Value blocks to construct numbers to 10,000

Tutorial and place Value Games

Try this Quiz!

Place Value Quiz 2

Numbers expressed in words

Comparing 5 digit numbers

Addition patterns in place value

Subtraction patterns in place value


Data Quiz

Reading data in a table

Understanding bar graphs

Create a bar graph



Great games to practise your general Maths skills!

Identify the Fractions!

All about mapping, using directions and following directional language!
Using directional language and mapping!

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