May 11

Digital Technologies

Coding School:


Budd:e Cyber Security

Cyber-Safety Glossary

Cyber-Safety Quiz

What kids are doing online

Mentimeter – a new interactive tool for the classroom

Join the Touch Typing Club!

Touch Typing Game Improve your typing skills!

CyberSmart Games and Quizzes – lots of great information to assist you to be safe when you’re On-line! Some great ideas for your Mums and Dads too!

Internet Safety

Be careful when you use cyber technology

How to be Safety Smart when on-line!

How to be safe on-line – Cyber Safety

Cyber Smart Detectives Watch the program and learn how to protect yourself on-line!

Take the Cyber Smart Quiz challenge Could you answer all the questions?

Cyber Bullying – It’s always wrong.

ACER – PAT Testing Site for Maths, Reading – Comprehension, and Vocab Tests